privacy policy

     As TG Expo Uluslararası Fuarcılık A.Ş., we have adopted the principle of protecting the privacy of visitors to the web page as a principle. As a company responsible for the storage and security of your personal information, TG Expo takes the necessary measures to protect your information against any loss or change and to store it securely and carries out technical and software operations in this regard. In order to provide more accurate information to our users, our website contains links to sites that we consider to be at least as reliable as we are. However, TG Expo cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies or content of the relevant sites. Your use of our website means that you have read, understood, and approved our privacy policy. In case of a request for co-operation from judicial or administrative authorities, we may share your personal information with the necessary authorities in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. 

     Non-personal information is information that is anonymous and does not identify you personally. This information is automatically stored on our servers. This data includes your real name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, the name of your Internet Service Provider, your IP address, the version of your web browser software, the operating system of the computer accessed, the website that referred you to us, the sites you visited while on our site and the search words you used to find our site. 

     As TG EXPO, we may also send you an e-bulletin to inform you about TG EXPO’s commercial activities with your prior consent. If you choose to participate in our pre-approved e-mail system, our affiliates may also send you advertisements and notices of events, products or services that may be of interest to you. You can also unsubscribe from the e-newsletter at any time without giving any reason by contacting us at 

     You have been informed that your information declared by you before TG Expo will not be used for purposes other than processing, will not be transferred to third parties without your consent or any other reason stipulated in the relevant legislation, that the information that must be shared with public institutions and organisations and / or judicial authorities in accordance with the legislation constitutes an exception to this situation, that in case of legal or service / contractual actual requirements, TG Expo works with or is legally obliged to work with public institutions and organisations and / or third party service providers resident in Turkey or abroad, You accept, declare and acknowledge that you consent to the processing, including sharing with supplier companies, transferring abroad in case of legal or service/contractual actual requirements, with your informed and explicit consent, that TG Expo has made the necessary explanations to you within the scope of Law No. 6698 and that you have been informed about your rights arising from this law. 

     On behalf of the show agree that all personal information we obtain during registration will be collected in the TG Expo database and may be used by TG Expo or third parties for promotional, e-bulletin, call centre calls, SMS, and targeted marketing purposes. You can send your requests for changes and corrections of your data to Marketing Department, TG Expo, Eğitim Mahallesi Poyraz Sokak Ertogay İş Merkezi Kadıköy/İstanbul – Turkey or to  e-mail address. 

     For security reasons, the entire exhibition area is recorded with a closed-circuit camera system to prevent and detect crime.